Application of alloy finned tube

The alloy finned tube is a heat exchanger composed of a circular tube or a tube. How to improve the heat transfer performance of the pipe? One of the most effective methods is to extend the surface, i.e., the finned tube, on the outer surface of the tube. It is assumed that the actual heat transfer area of ​​the finned tube is several times the surface area of ​​the original light pipe. Although the heat transfer coefficient of the flue gas is still low, the heat transfer effect on the surface area of ​​the pipe will be greatly increased, so that the total heat transfer condition is constant. The overall heat transfer process is increased and the metal consumption of the device is reduced.
Application of finned tubes:
(1) Heat pipe air preheater use: absorb waste heat of flue gas, heat combustion air, reduce fuel consumption, improve combustion conditions, achieve energy saving, absorb waste heat of flue gas, heat gas and other gas medium.
(2) Heat pipe economizer application: absorb heat from flue gas, used to heat water supply, hot water can be returned to the boiler (as an economizer), and can be used separately (as a water heater), thereby improving energy efficiency and saving The purpose of energy.
(3) Heat pipe waste heat boiler (evaporator)
Uses: The heat pipe is used as the heat transfer element to absorb the residual heat of the flue gas to generate steam. The steam produced can be used to enter the steam network (the pressure of the pipeline is reached), as well as for power generation (large steam, stable heat source) or other uses.
The company's technical strength is solid, production management personnel are lean, cooperate with industry-university research institutes in Jiangsu Province to solve the development of difficult finned tubes, (mixed welding of alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and other materials) to fill the domestic research and development gap, get rid of hybrid welding The finned tube and the elliptical finned tube are currently dependent on the import dilemma, which greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency for the same size heat exchange tube, greatly saves the production and use cost, and enhances the customer's competitiveness.