Steel-aluminum composite finned tube radiator has stable performance

With the development of China's industry, steel-aluminum composite finned tube radiators for warm heat transfer came into being. Its standard structure consists of a steel frame and a heat pipe. The heat pipe is made of spirally wound fins of steel pipes. After the entire hot dip galvanizing process, a monolithic finned tube was proposed. Good air tightness, compact structure and easy installation. The advantages are as follows.
The integral steel finned tube radiator has stable performance and long service life. The heat test has a stable heat transfer performance and can be applied to various drying chambers and large and medium-sized heating systems. The heat transfer efficiency is high, which improves the corrosion resistance of the entire hot-dip galvanizing and prolongs the service life.
All steel finned tube heatsinks are not easily ashed. The cause of ash deposition is caused by the vortex gap of Carmen. The accumulation of ash affects the flow of steam within the tube, which in turn affects the heat exchange efficiency of the steam. After the overall hot-dip galvanizing, the heat pipe gap is reduced, and it is difficult to form a dust accumulation angle, which affects the heat transfer efficiency.
The heat exchanger of the integral steel finned tube radiator is more uniform. After hot-dip galvanizing, the base pipe and the fins are integrated. The structural stress is consistent, the performance is stable, and the fins have a dune shape. It is consistent with the shape of the thermal temperature gradient. The surface temperature of the fin surface is uniform, the thermal stress is uniform, no concentration occurs, and the strength is not weak, and the heat transfer effect is more ideal.
The company's technical strength is solid, production management personnel are lean, cooperate with industry-university research institutes in Jiangsu Province to solve the development of difficult finned tubes, (mixed welding of alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and other materials) to fill the domestic research and development gap, get rid of hybrid welding The finned tube and the elliptical finned tube are currently dependent on the import dilemma, which greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency for the same size heat exchange tube, greatly saves the production and use cost, and enhances the customer's competitiveness.