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Heat exchange equipment tends to be more efficient

With the development of science and technology and industry, heat exchange equipment tends to be smaller, lighter, more efficient and miniaturized. However, the general heat exchanger cannot meet the above requirements, which has prompted people to study efficient heat exchangers. Therefore, tube-and-fin heat exchangers are favored by scholars as a highly efficient heat exchanger. At present, tube-fin heat exchangers have been widely used in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. The core component is the bundle of tubes inside the heat exchanger. In order to improve heat transfer performance, the addition of fins on the surface of the base pipe is a very effective method for enhancing heat transfer. Compared with the lamp tube, the fin tube is compact in structure and flexible and reasonable in material. The material selection of the pipe and the fin is different, and the heat transfer efficiency is high.
There are many types of finned tubes. The finned tube has two kinds of inner finned tubes and outer finned tubes according to different mounting positions of the fins, and the outer finned tubes are more commonly used. Depending on the arrangement of the fins, there are two types of finned tubes: longitudinal finned tubes and horizontal finned tubes. According to the shape of the fin tube, the fin tube has a round fin tube, an elliptical fin tube, and a flat tube fin tube. At present, the circular finned tube heat exchanger dominates the market, but a large number of experiments have shown that the reflow area and the windward area of ​​the elliptical tube are much smaller than the round finned tube, effectively reducing the flow resistance of the air side A. Reduced energy consumption. When the number of tube bundles is present at the same time, the elliptical tube and the flat tube are tighter than the round tube structure. The heat exchanger is small in size and reduces the cost. Therefore, the research and development of elliptical tube-fin heat exchangers has attracted more and more scholars' attention.