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Basic characteristics of elliptical stainless steel finned tube radiator

When it comes to stainless steel, everyone is familiar with it. Stainless steel has been applied to all aspects of our life. Industrial stainless steel is not easy to corrode under atmospheric conditions, such as acid, alkali, salt and other mediums. Elliptical stainless steel finned tube radiators are commonly used in industrial heating systems. The finned tube heat exchanger is an air heater suitable for both steam and hot water systems. The finned tube, as its name suggests, has fins on the base tube. The base pipe may be a carbon steel pipe, and the stainless steel pipe may also be a copper pipe. Similarly, the material of the outer fins can be selected according to the customer's conditions of use and the process requirements of aluminum, stainless steel or copper fins. The finned tube heat exchanger is mainly used for air heating in hot air heating, air conditioning systems and drying devices. It is the main equipment of hot air equipment. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises and heating and ventilation systems in major buildings. Here are some basic features:
1. Beautiful appearance and diverse application possibilities, suitable for heat exchange places with high environmental requirements.
2, good corrosion resistance, more durable than ordinary steel. For corrosive media, such as waste heat utilization of industrial high-temperature wastewater, stainless steel finned tube heat exchangers are a good choice.
3. High strength, in which austenitic 304 stainless steel has excellent process properties of precipitation hardening stainless steel (17-7PH grade), solid solution treatment is easy to form, and subsequent intensification heat treatment (aging treatment) is not high temperature deformation. Well, the strength is very high. In the United States, this steel is mainly used in aviation structures and has been mass produced. Similar steel varieties are also in use in various countries.
4, normal temperature processing, that is, easy plastic processing.
5, clean, high-level finishing, no need for specific surface treatment, so the maintenance is simple and simple.
6, the welding performance is good, the product uses different welding performance requirements. Industrial welding standards are slightly lower than domestic tableware, but much higher than ordinary steel welding fusion, welding is easy.