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How to maintain copper-aluminum composite finned tubes?

During the use of copper-aluminum composite finned tubes , many users have found that some finned tubes are not maintained, resulting in a short service life - how to maintain a longer life of the finned tubes. The finned tube is increased by the high-frequency welding technology, and the fins are not pressed by the collision, and are easily deformed, which is more likely to affect the heat dissipation effect. Due to the spiral distribution of the fins, some precipitates and rust layers may appear during long-term use. We should clean and clean them in time. The excuses of the fin tube check whether the interface is loose and the mat is detached. The finned tube is exposed to the outside to avoid rain and as dry as possible, rather than being too close to the ground. Avoid corrosion of finned tubes in the greenhouse. Through the maintenance of the finned tube, the service life of the finned tube will be greatly increased. The long-term use of any item is inseparable from the maintenance and maintenance of the heart, and the finned tube is no exception.
1. The periodic inspection of Wuxi finned tubes is completed by 100% refining. Whether there are accumulation, coking, rust and other scaling and adhesion, and timely cleaning. At the same time, it is necessary to check the tight adhesion of the finned tube to the rubber gasket and whether the rubber gasket itself is in good condition to avoid leakage due to degumming and damage of the rubber gasket.
2. Plate heat exchanger compression nuts and upper and lower guide rods should be used frequently for lubricating grease and grease.
3, instrument adjustment should be particularly responsible, strict implementation of operational maintenance procedures.
4. When the rubber gasket needs to be replaced or repaired, the fin must be put down, placed on the table, the old gasket removed, or the rubber groove of the fin tube groove at the degumming point should be wiped off, and then the groove in the groove is wiped with CARB solvent. Oil marks. For carbon tetrachloride or trichloroethylene, then use the back of the new rubber gasket. Wipe your hair with fine sandpaper and rub it off with carbon tetrachloride or trichloroethylene solvent. Then apply a thin layer of glue on the back of the groove and rubber gasket, slightly dry, but still viscous, but still viscous, the rubber gasket in the groove is imminent, in all directions, a layer of talcum powder, then the fin tube Gently clip onto the equipment rack. According to the requirements of the glue manual, the royal family can be put into use within one week.
5. When the finned tube is pressed again, attention must be paid to the position of the last pressed scale. The rubber gasket should not be pressed, thus reducing the service life of the gasket.
6. When replacing the rubber gasket of the finned tube, the sections should be updated to avoid unevenness of the gap between the pieces and affect the heat transfer effect.
Experts say: In general, when the operation begins to use the water cycle, there may be a slight leak, and the leak will disappear when the temperature rises to the sterilization temperature. If the leak does not stop, the finned tube must be further compressed. If it is still not valid, you need to check the rubber gasket, or the finned tubes are arranged in chip number order, which should be corrected.