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Maintenance and maintenance of alloy finned tubes

Maintenance and maintenance of alloy finned tubes Periodically check whether the finned tubes are clean, in good condition, and whether there is scaling, coking, rusting and other scaling and adhesion, and immediately clean. At the same time, it is necessary to check the bonding precision between the fins and the rubber gasket, and prepare the rubber gasket to avoid the damage caused by the rubber gasket debonding and leakage. Plate heat exchanger nuts and upper and lower guides. They should always use grease to grease. Instrument adjustments should focus on hard work and strict operational, operational, and maintenance procedures. When the fin tube is pressed again, the press position of the press must be carefully pressed. The rubber gasket should not be pressed so that the gasket will last for a long time. When replacing the finned tube rubber gasket, the sections should be updated to avoid unevenness of the gaps and affect the heat transfer effect.

The alloy finned tube is a composite material rolled iron, copper and aluminum finned tube. The utility model has the advantages of compact bonding, low heat resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, small flow loss, strong corrosion resistance, no deformation under long-term cold and hot working conditions, and long service life. The entire fin is smooth, burr-free and easy to clean. In heating and air conditioning projects, it is easy to condense the surface of the fins when wet and cold. In the case of heat, such as drying and heating, the surface is anodized, and the color is beautiful and elegant, which can effectively prevent surface corrosion. The aluminum rolled finned tube is made of non-contact thermal resistance, high strength, thermal shock resistance and mechanical vibration, good thermal expansion properties of the entire aluminum tube, and has considerable heat transfer surface expansion. The finned tube heat exchanger is superior to the tandem or wound finned tube heat exchanger. Our company processes various steel strip finned tubes and steel-aluminum composite finned tubes according to the needs of users.