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Future development of elliptical tube finned tubes

The elliptical tube finned tube is a heat exchanger composed of an elliptical tube and an outer fin. Elliptical rectangular finned tube, elliptical elliptical finned tube, elliptical circular finned tube, spiral elliptical flat tube, elliptical H finned tube, and the like. Elliptical finned tubes are widely used in industrial fields such as ethylene and oil refining due to their excellent properties. Better than elliptical finned tubes.
Elliptical finned tubes are used as efficient heat exchangers for heat exchangers. The flow resistance is small, the heat exchange efficiency is high, the heat exchanger is compact, the weight is light, the efficiency is high, and the miniaturization is achieved. Despite the many results of their research, there is still much to be done.
(1) Elliptical finned tubes have many advantages and are relatively scarce.
(2) Fin efficiency plays a key role in heat transfer calculation. There are many methods for calculating the fin fin efficiency, but it is basically an equivalent method, and there are some deviations in the equivalent method. It is necessary to correct these deviations when guiding actual engineering. Therefore, in order to obtain more accurate results and to guide the project more conveniently, it is necessary to conduct a more systematic study of the future.
(3) A comprehensive study on the internal and external characteristics and heat transfer of elliptical tube finned tubes . Domestic and foreign scholars have carried out a large number of theoretical analysis, experimental research and numerical simulation. However, the study of flat tube finned tubes is relatively rare, especially for flat tube finned tubes. Although the flat tube finned tube has a small air side resistance and a high heat transfer coefficient, its internal fluid resistance is relatively large, and the refrigerant filling amount is relatively small, which limits the heat transfer of the flat tube fin tube. Application in the device. Therefore, how to solve the problem of large flow resistance in the flat tube requires more in-depth research.